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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the biggest you can build a tiny home?

A: Generally, if a tiny home is built with a base on a trailer, the tiny home can be 13.5ft tall, 8.5ft wide, and as long as 40ft!

Q: What kind of heating and cooling do tiny homes have?

A: Our tiny homes come with a mini split AC/Heating unit. They are most efficient for the amount of space, they also proved to be the most silent option.

Q: What do you use to insulate your tiny homes?

A: We use ROCKWOOL Insulation throughout our tiny homes. Rockwool insulation is a rock based mineral fiber insulation, therefore it does not decay, it doesn't mold, and it lasts a life time! It is also moisture resistant, so in the event that it does get wet, the moisture will drain and not get absorbed into the body of the insulation.

Q: What does being NOAH Certified mean?

A: This means that each and every tiny home built by us is thoroughly inspected by an NOAH inspector, throughout the building process, and meets every safety, structural, and energy efficient standard! NOAH certified professional inspectors, with credentials in residential, mechanical, and plumbing licensing, make sure any tiny home built and taken off of our lot, is “certified built right”.

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